This chapter of bankruptcy is a form of DEBT CONSOLIDATION which enables people who have fallen behind in their obligations to RETAIN their ASSETS and put an IMMEDIATE STOP to all debt collection activities, such as calls and letters from bill collectors, GARNISHMENTS, BANK LEVIES, LAWSUITS, REPOSSESSIONS and FORECLOSURES.

The filing of a Chapter 13 case gives individuals IMMEDIATE PROTECTION from their creditors. This is called the AUTOMATIC STAY OF PROTECTION. This Federal protection stops all debt collection activities, such as foreclosure actions and repossessions.

Costs: There are three costs associated with filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Some or all of these costs maybe paid up front, but normally they are paid over time.

Filing fee: Presently, the filing fee paid to the Bankruptcy Court to start a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case is $310.00. This is an up front cost.

Credit Counseling Fees: A bankruptcy certification from a United States Trustee approved credit counseling organization is required before a Chapter 13 case can be filed. There are several approved credit counseling agencies. Typical costs for this 30-minute certification range from $35 to $50. We are affiliated with two approved credit counseling agencies, but do not require you to use them. Any approved credit counselor’s certification will suffice. This is also an up front cost.

Attorney Fee: The attorney fee in a Chapter 13 case is based on the complexity of the case as well as the amount of debt. Some or all of this fee may be paid up front or paid over time in the Chapter 13 repayment plan.

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